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Sourcing properties

Being a sourcing agent is in the current market an incredibly hard profession. We the current market saturated with “professional sourcing agents” that are still within their first year of the industry, it is very important that you find the right agent.

Here at G8 Property we have very strong links to Sourcing UK, having built a solid working relationship, we now find ourselves working together on several projects.

Sourcing UK leading agent Sam White has been in the industry for over 8 years and has sourced 100’s of properties for UK and international investors. She is very passionate about providing a first-class service which in turn generates great a great income for all her investors.

Single Viewing

  • Full video walk-through inside and outside of property
  • Damp-meter reading for every room
  • Full inspection checklist
  • Basic refurb cost
  • Summary of area - likely tenant types, local amenities, etc
  • £39+ vat


  • Up to 3 viewings over 3 hours
  • Full viewing report, video walk-through and photos provided for each property
  • £99 + vat

Full day

  • Up to 5 viewings over 7 hours
  • Full viewing report, video walk-through and photos provided for each property.
  • £129 + vat

Extra Information

We will provide a full video walk-through of the property, an inspection checklist, damp meter readings and a summary of the local area! With our rental knowledge, we will be able to give advice on the rentability and what you will be able to achieve on rent.

G8 Property invest time into their clients offering a unique service. We fully understand that most investors live some distance from their investment areas. As must as we try to always find the best deals, we appreciate investors also find properties that they would like to view. It’s not always convenient to drop everything and travel hundreds of miles just to look at a property.

  • Viewing for time poor investors
  • Why do we offer this service?
  • What are the pros for doing it (first-hand feedback on the rentability?

  • To book a viewing service please fill in the form below and we will call you to arrange the viewing on your behalf