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Rebecca Finley

Branch Manager

Rebecca Finlay is a highly accomplished professional who has recently taken on the role of Managing Director at G8 Property. Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional results. Working within the demanding and complex field of property, Rebecca has proven time and time again that no task is too difficult.

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Kinga Koziniec

Senior Lettings Negotiator

Kinga is a highly dedicated professional with a strong track record in the property industry. Over the past four years, she has excelled in her role, consistently progressing and achieving remarkable results. Always ready to extend a helping hand to those in need, Kinga has built a reputation as a reliable and supportive colleague.

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Laura Hancock

Lettings Negotiator

Laura joined G8 Property this year having a strong background in the management retail sector. She is a fantastic listener and really adapts well to all situations that may arise during her working day. She is always on hand to lend an ear to any tenant that may need her help and is a very conscientious person. “For me I just love to help people where I can it gives me great work satisfaction”

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Craig Phillips

Managing Director

Craig has been involved in property one way or another since 1999. Having left the army his first taste of property was in an estate agency where his brother was a branch manager. In 2016 G8 Property was formed and it has just gone from strength to strength since. Craig has given presentations at large property training companies and now offers one to ones for people starting out in the property industry.

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Bella Gyugyi

Bella is a highly skilled professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the G8 Property team. Born and raised in Hungary, Bella made the decision to relocate to the UK in 2019, embarking on an exciting new chapter in his life. Joining the G8 Property family as a Handyman/Maintenance personnel, Bella has played a crucial role in ensuring that the houses under his care are maintained to the highest standards.

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Monika Olahova

Monika Olahova is a highly dedicated and detail-oriented professional serving as the dedicated Housekeeper for all the HMOs under full management at G8 Property. With her unwavering commitment to cleanliness and maintaining high standards, Monika plays a vital role in ensuring that each and every property is kept immaculate.

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Danny Finlay

Danny Finlay is a highly experienced professional and the proud owner of D & B Creations, a renowned property refurbishment specialist company. With over 30 years of industry expertise, Danny has honed his skills working on projects across the globe. His vast knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to G8 Property, enabling Craig Phillips, the owner of G8 Property, to offer clients an additional service of top-notch property refurbishments.

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John Candor

Letting Negotiator

Meet John Candor, our newest letting negotiator, brings a diverse background and a commitment to excellence to our team. Holding a bachelor’s degree, John's professional journey has spanned various industries, including real estate as a broker in the Philippines, visual merchandising in retail fashion, and roles in marketing, sales, and customer service in the BPO industry.

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Jel Laudencia

Jel Laudencia has an over 4 years of experience in the real estate industry, she is a highly skilled professional known for her exceptional customer service and administrative expertise. She has proven herself to be adaptable to any situation, ensuring smooth operations at G8 Property.

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Rocky Nandog 

Letting Negotiator

Rocky Nandog is a highly dedicated and hardworking letting negotiator. Her commitment to helping clients find their dream homes is unwavering, and she goes above and beyond to make the renting process seamless and stress-free. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the market, Rocky ensures that both tenants and landlords receive top-notch service and satisfaction.

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